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Distribution Panels

For Distribution panel applications the ServiceTrack Series is the unit of choice. With the Enhanced Transient Filter (ETF) the ServiceTrack Series assures that all downstream equipment is receiving clean power. The wide variety of strengths and fusing options makes this ServiceTrack Series series the most versatile line of surge suppression on the market. The distribution panel suppressor is the second stage of lightning protection and protects downstream equipment from internal transients generated by equipment in other areas of the facility. For space restricted or recessed panels, use LowProfile ETF units.

ServiceTrack® Series

Category A, B, & C

Ideal for main service entrance, distribution panel, MCC, and branch panel applications. ST Series products are the choice for main service, distribution panel, MCC, and branch panel applications. Compact design offers easy installation. The optional enhanced transient filter will extend your equipment life and reliability.

LowProfile Series

Category A & B

Ideal for Sub-Panel and Critical Load Applications. LowProfile products maximize correct installation and offer performance advantages with in-wall flush mount capability. The best choice for sub-panel and critical load applications with the best enhanced transient filter (ETF) in the industry.

ServiceTrack Install

LowProfile Install