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Case Studies

“They say you are judged by the company you keep.”

Here is what our customers say about us:


ATMEL Semiconductor Manufacturer

“In 1994 the objective to confine the “ravaging damage” from spikes riding on our service wiring and noise generated between our manufacturing tool sets……. Our site losses were in the tens of millions of dollars per quarter….. installation of 805 locations (service entrance, distribution panels, branch panels and MCCs. I am please to report our sizeable investment in TVSS mitigation has more than paid for itself many times over, and is still fully functional now, ten years later. Our site projects the Return on Investment (R.O.I.) was less than two months, after completing the installation of the three level TVSS System. This meant that the millions of dollars that we saved in losses, was turned into increased profitability and we even gained profit margins.”

Toyota Manufacturing

“Our drive banks were being negatively affected causing equipment failure and unacceptable downtime. We installed a two-tiered TPS SPD approach…… since the date of installation, no damage or downtime to these drives.”

Irving Tissue

“..we experienced about nine drive failures in ten months. In May 2005 we installed TPS surge suppressors for the PLC and the MCC that fed the drives. Since then we have had absolutely no issues with the drives or fuses clearing.”

FedEx Express & EMC2 Data Center I.T. Storage Equipment

“FedEx EDC-W Enterprise Data Center is the crown jewel of the FedEx Corporations (13) data centers….. rated among the top 3% of all data center in the world! Latency, lock-ups, data corruption, I.C degradation/failures, … power supply failures have been mitigated and even eliminated. TPS technology is applied to every PDU and RPP thereby eliminating all degradation to all I.T. hardware.”

Sturm Ruger Firearms

“Survey revealed one root-cause stress to be frequent power surges and voltage transients that were affecting CNCs, PLCs, computer and electronic controls and drives. Since installing Total Protection Solutions surge suppression the historical problems were non-existent.”