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Case Studies

“They say you are judged by the company you keep.”

Here is what our customers say about us:


Florida Hospital Main Campus CEP

“During the first 18-months of operation, our CEP experienced a high failure rate of motors, starters, drives, contactors and controls totaling over $200,000. Unfortunately, our construction superintendent had ignored our sole source specification of TPS for all surge protection installations. We called in the experts at TPS and they applied their filtering technology to our MCCs, Distribution Panels, Lighting Panels and Controls, replacing the switchgear manufacturer’s surge protection offerings. I am please to report that the total electrical maintenance costs for the CEP during the same 5-year period (immediately following the installation of TPS technology) is less than $7,000. This represents a 96% savings to our electrical maintenance costs.”

Winter Park Memorial Hospital, FL

“The installation of Total Protection Solutions’ surge protection products has a return on investment in months, not years. I have not found any other product or service that will extend the design life of our systems and equipment while reducing overhead costs so dramatically.”

Torrington Community Hospital, WY (Before & After PQ Study)

“The ROI payback period for power quality improvements range from 1-3 years for most equipment and services. While we advocate improving energy efficiency, the ROI for power quality improvements far exceeds the ROI for energy equipment investments. Avoiding premature equipment failure and improving equipment reliability to minimize downtime and save money should be the primary focus for facility managers.”

Florida Hospital East

“In the past, we have installed a few different manufacturers’ surge suppression…… although there was some reduction in lightning damage, there seemed to be no effect on the daily nuisance problems experienced by our very expensive equipment. Since installing TPS: reduced downtime of microprocessor equipment, clearer images and more reliability to X-Ray and Ultrasound….. reduced circuit board replacement, reduced downtime and no lightning damage whatsoever. I estimate our payback in less than one year and our life-cycle savings will exceed thirty time (3,000%) our original investment.”

Adventist Health Systems contracts with TPS as their sole source surge protection device (SPD) supplier for all new projects due to

  1. Extending equipment life
  2. Improving systems’ performance and reliability
  3. Zero catastrophic loss to any equipment protected by TPS
  4. Return on Investment in months, not years

Sanford Health Systems (formerly Meritcare Health Systems)

“From HVAC systems to patient scanning equipment, the Hospital was realizing greater than normal maintenance and operational costs. In 2004 we installed TPS-SPDs to our chillers, chiller controls, lighting panels, patient scanning equipment (CAT scan, Cath Lab, MRI & X-Ray), motor control centers, building automation systems and computer imaging controls. The summary of results are: lighting maintenance savings of greater than 90% with an ROI of less than 6-months. Clearer images on patient imaging equipment with greatly reduced maintenance requirements. HVAC and control systems’ lock-ups and catastrophic losses have been eliminated. Overall ROI of less than two-years.”

Banner Health P.Q. Issues

“There is no silver bullet when it comes to mitigating power problems and improving electrical system reliability. However, the cascaded distribution of high-quality surge protective devices will be a common component in “almost all” solutions.”