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The uninterrupted flow of information is the lifeblood of today’s companies. ComTrack phone line and data line suppression units are UL497A (or 497B) listed and offer the best protection and best warranty on the market.


Surge Protective Devices for data and communications applications.

ComTrack products are the most reliable surge protective devices for data and communication applications. Provides quality protection for telephone lines, data/signal lines and coaxial lines. 10-Year Free Replacement Warranty.

ComTrack SLP

ComTrack SLP Series provides surge protection against harmful transient voltages that exceed the nominal operating voltage of low speed data (50MHz max), communications and signal line protocols.

ComTrack SCP

4-20 mA current loops, signal lines, data lines, transducers and flow meters.

ComTrack CAT5 & CAT6

Protect ethernet and high speed data applications.

ComTrack DB9

Use on RS232 systems with DB9 connections.