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Case Studies

“They say you are judged by the company you keep.”

Here is what our customers say about us:


City of London Chiller Controls

“We protected all 28 controllers on the chillers for about the cost of one repair. The ROI was realized within months.”

Niagra Region Water & Wastewater Services

“With the reduction of service calls for equipment failure due to surges including the protection of critical drives on our centrifuge process we have been able to shift our focus from a reactive state of maintenance to a more preventive.”

Stockton College, NJ

“Before installing TPS surge suppression we were doing a lot of equipment replacement. This was expensive; not only in terms of hardware replacement, but also in terms of labor and downtime. I can now say the campus has already seen a return of investment since installing Total Protection Solutions surge suppressors.”

Jefferson County, CO – Case Study for saving money, reducing Maintenance & downtime

“We feel that this technology could allow us to achieve significant short and long term savings and increase the reliability/longevity of all the electrical and electronic equipment throughout the county.”

London City Hall, Ontario, Canada

“With results currently seen with the TPS equipment installed, it is estimated that 75% life has been added to our lamps and ballasts. Our payback will be 12 months for our entire facility”