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Case Studies

“They say you are judged by the company you keep.”

Here is what our customers say about us:


Sanford Health Systems, Fargo, ND (formerly Meritcare Health)

“In Conclusion, if this continues, we will have a ROI in about 6 months and it looks like about a 92% savings per year. Also, because of the 30 year unconditional free replacement warranty from the manufacturer it appears we could save about $92,00 over that time and that is from just one lighting panel.”

Stockton College, NJ

“The TPS units have already reduced bulb & ballast replacements. Accordingly, I recommend that we continue installing TPS filtering suppressors on energy efficient lighting systems throughout campus.”

Major Retail Company – A Surge Protection System for Lighting

“As a result of this study, these locations are realizing true cost savings on a long term continuous basis. All Maintenance & repair associated with the electronic ballasts and lamps appear to be permanently reduced by at least 70% or more etc.”

Presstran Industries, Ontario, Canada

“In October 2007 we installed TPS surge protection devices on all lighting panels throughout the manufacturing plant; to date we are pleased to report we have had no issues relating to lighting. We plan to go forward in protecting our facility with a layered surge protection system on our substations as well.”

TEC, Ontario, Canada

“Total Protection Solutions products are the best TVSS units I have ever purchased. I have a number of customers that are experiencing 2 or 3 times more life out of their light bulbs & ballasts; their motors run cooler, not to mention a decrease in maintenance and downtime costs between 20% and 40%.”