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Case Studies

“They say you are judged by the company you keep.”

Here is what our customers say about us:


FedEx Express & EMC2 Data Center I.T. Storage Equipment

“FedEx EDC-W Enterprise Data Center is the crown jewel of the FedEx Corporations (13)….. rated among the top 3% of all data center in the world! Latency, lock-ups, data corruption, I.C degradation/failures, … power supply failures have been mitigated and even eliminated. TPS technology is applied to every PDU and RPP thereby eliminating all degradation to all I.T. hardware.”

Triple Crown Casinos

“Prior to using TPS surge suppression and filtering devices we saw a constant increase in our operational costs associated with downtime, repair, replacement, and reliability of our electrical and electronic equipment in our casinos. … equipment affected include slot machines, power supplies and circuit boards, lighting systems bulbs and ballasts, UPS systems and damage caused by lightning. We have realized a payback on our investment easily in less than one year.”

Community Financial Credit Union

“In September of 2007, the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system for Community Financial Credit Union’s main branch malfunctioned due to an external power surge to the main electrical system. Since installing Total Protection Solutions surge protection with enhanced transient filtering we have been able to improve the reliability and performance of all the electronic and electrical equipment we rely on to deliver services to our customers. Since this occurrence, Community Financial has installed TPS at all of our facilities.”

Niagara Region Public Works

“The use of existing surge protection devices and grounding techniques did not seem to protect our equipment well. Upon the introduction of Total Protection Solutions (TPS) and their National Sales & Marketing Manager, Tim Dakers we were provided distinctive characteristics that separated their products and services from the competition; The Enhanced Transient Filter capability, extensive 3rd party testing beyond UL certification, the value-added benefit of a 30-year free replacement warranty… our equipment standards set the bar for our expectations. With the reduction of service calls for equipment failure due to surges including the protection of critical drives on our centrifuge process we have been able to shift our focus from a reactive state of maintenance to a more preventative.”

T & T Shell Gas

“In 2004 it became clear to me that we needed to protect our electrical systems. My conservative estimate of the damages in just the past 10 years has been as much as $20,000 in one year. We installed surge protection manufactured by Total Protection Solutions (TPS) on our main electrical service panel, sub panels, telephone lines and data lines in our facility. Since September 2006 (2 years) our site has been through some of the most severe thunder and lightning strikes that I have seen in years. To this day we have experienced no electronic failure of any kind. I should have installed the system 20 years ago. Gilbarco should recommend and require the TPS surge protection products on all their electronic equipment.”