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“A TPS Total Protection System will save more money per dollar invested on a permanent basis than ANY other electrical systems savings investment (ROI).”

THE TPS STORY… an introduction

In 2003, three companies with long time involvement in the Power Quality Industry (over 60 years of field experience) formed a joint venture to develop a new line of surge suppression products; Total Protection Solutions “TPS”. Our mission was to produce the safest and the most reliable technology with superior performance without degradation. Having accomplished this mission allows us to offer a “Total Protection System” for eliminating the damaging high frequency power surges and transients existing in all facilities on a daily basis thereby generating an extremely fast return on investment (ROI) with long life-cycle savings on a permanent basis. To support this aggresive mission statement we include the best warranty in the industry (our ServiceTrack® and LowProfile® series have a 30-year unconditional free replacement warranty; including lightning or any utility anomaly).

These quality and performance based products maximize protection for your valuable electronic and electrical equipment. A TPS Total Protection System will extend equipment life, increase equipment reliability and performance, reduce electrical maintenance/repair, dramatically reduce downtime and reduce risk of catastrophic loss. TPS helps to meet the Green & Sustainability goals all facility and operations management personnel are striving to achieve today. Whether the facilities are industrial, manufacturing, retail, commercial, government, or education-based, the savings and return on investment benefits are realized.  Remember, these across-the-board operational savings for any and all facilities are permanent over an extremely long investment life cycle supported by our TPS unprecedented 30 year warranty.

All of the Total Protection Solutions power protection products are made in the USA. We manufacture high-end performance-based products to support the applications. In addition to manufacturing AC and DC power panel units, we have a broad range of data, phone, coax, and 4-20mA units. TPS also offers AC and DC series-wired units for 24V through 277V control-voltage applications (i.e., PC’S, PLC’s, control systems, etc.).

Our sales/field support is second-to-none with our vast experience in power quality and an end-user focus maximizing field performance to reach the ultimate ROI. Our Applications Engineering support team stands ready to assist our customers in selecting the correct TPS products for the application requirements. We also have a library of case studies validating the results realized by many companies in all industry categories.

TPS customers range from small businesses, municipalities, and schools to national and global giants such as Federal Express, Toyota, Adventist Health System, NASA, Microsoft, Waste Management, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Coors Brewing Company, and many others. All with an existing facility end-user focus.

At the end of the day, it is the TPS  position that per dollar invested, there is no technology equipment investment that will save a company more money on a permanent basis.

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